ChangeOrder: Thinking Outside the Elephant: Part 2

New post on ChangeOrder: Thinking Outside the Elephant, Part 2 :: second half of my #howidc recap
This is the second part of a recap that was written over 51 hours at the HOW Interactive Design Conference, then delivered to attendees as a 45-minute closing talk. Read the first part here. Now, for those of you that know me, I have a penchant for pushing analogies to their breaking point, until they become so absurd that they start to resemble reality. So I’m going to start visualizing for you what kind of world our elephant lives in, and what might be stressing her at this very moment. What does the elephant eat? The elephant eats big, gnarly problems. As you take on projects, ask yourself: How big are the problems I’m looking to tackle? You should look…

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