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A (not so) short review of Tuesday's #nuxuk talk by @mewroh for our @computerlovers company blog 🙂 #ux #userexperience
+ The 6 x Flaming Hot Monster Munch multipack for tonight’s #nuxuk contained a bonus 7th bag. @quiffboy’s snaffled it though. 08/11/2011 from Twitter for Mac + Big thanks to @h19gml for organising the @nuxuk refreshments once again 🙂 #nuxuk 08/11/2011 from Twitter for Mac + RT @quiffboy: Refreshments for tonight’s @nuxuk meeting 🙂 #NUXUK 08/11/2011 from Twitter for Mac + RT @nuxuk: Don’t forget tomorrow’s NUX in Manchester – Building a UX team. Register here #nuxuk 07/11/2011 from Twitter for Mac + media exec role is a temp post – get in touch! 03/11/2011 from Twitter for iPhone View all tweets

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