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How does the understanding of metaphor impact our identities and abilities as designers? This is the question that I have been asking myself ever since I have had the good fortune of reading the book, “Metaphors We Live By” (Lakoff, Johnson 1980). In this book, the authors point out the central importance that metaphors have in human cognition and experience. In fact, they use the evidence that they gathered about metaphors to argue that human experience supplants the dominant paradigm of objectivism, by accounting for more phenomena than objectivism could. In objectivism there is such a thing as “absolute” truth: an account for reality that is not altered by the conditions of the humans who experience it. For example, the statement, “the sky is blue” is true whether an English speaking person says so or if a parrot is merely repeating the sounds it has been taught by a trainer. This objectivist way of thinking is largely useful for people and without flaw, except for when it attempts to understand the meaning and importance of metaphor: specifically what it means for the human

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