Want Great User Testing? Try the iPad with your In-Laws « Excellis Interactive

Want great user testing? Try your inlaws: http://t.co/LYpghGyE #usability #ux #design Thx to @simplesugar!
The over 50 crowd and Baby Boomer generations are embracing the digital arena. They have a much different perspective of “getting old” compared to the generations before them. I don’t know about you, but I think my Mom looks and acts differently then her parents did at the same age. We email back and forth. She has an iPod (that I, of course, set up for her but – she does listen to music). My Father-in-law and I send text messages. I’ve got parents, aunts, and older cousins who are on Facebook and connected to me. They are jumping head first into technology. We, as user experience architects, designers and developers, need to be aware of this growing online population.

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