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New post in the UX Musings series: stumbling upon a card sorting pot o' gold. Check it out! http://t.co/FxS5GsNo #ux #cardsort #usability
I recently found myself during a site map presentation constantly reassuring clients, “Yes, we will test that nomenclature during usability testing.” Of course, at the same time I kept thinking to myself “Why wait?” This is exactly what card sorting exercises are designed for – to ensure your proposed structure, labels, and organization meet the users’ needs before wireframes and usability testing. However, when sitting down with Pete, iFactory’s lead strategist, we couldn’t decide which card sorting methodology – open vs. closed – was right for us. Could we fit the exercise into 30-minute sessions? Would we overwhelm the users? Would we get the right data? With those questions, and more, left unanswered we decided to do some research, which led us to an article by Danna Spencer in which she talks about this third method she created called a card-based classification evaluation. It was our “Ah ha!” moment. She claimed her methodology was as effective as a traditional card sort, but it was guaranteed to work in time blocks of 10-20 minutes. What did we have to

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