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A must read article on how #UX should be a two way conversation, complete with in-depth tips. http://t.co/JLXFIPyx #usability
There was a Google Analytics video making the rounds back in the fall that resonated strongly with many UXers. In the video, a customer in a supermarket attempts to check out and is greeted with all of the standard components that constitute the online checkout process. He’s asked for his user name, asked to read a CAPTCHA code, and watches as the cashier “times out” and then proceeds to ask him the same list of questions all over again. This video struck a chord with many in the UX community because it makes explicit something than many UXers have known implicitly for a long time: when users interact with a computer, they are engaging in a conversation. When the computer behaves in a way that no human would, it confuses the whole process. The end result: a bad user experience.

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