HFI Animate – Six Steps to Persuasive Design with Dr. Eric Schaffer

6 steps to persuasive design #UX http://t.co/VbMfJiLy
Dr. Eric Schaffer takes us through six steps of the process of creating a persuasive design. Download a poster of this animation and a free white paper on PET research at http://www.humanfactors.com/persuasion.asp

6 Steps to Persuasive Design

From our previous video on Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET) http://youtu.be/3J85SUZFXNM , you know that there are long lists of methods we can use to motivate customers and increase their conversion. So it’s natural to think that using more persuasion methods is good and will result in lots of conversion.

But is it true?

In this video, Dr. Eric Schaffer says using lots of methods results in persuasion clutter. He outlines in 6 steps the scientific application of PET research to create a persuasive design.

He discusses:

– Using in-depth Gestalt interview methods to understand the customer’s drives, blocks, beliefs, and feelings.
– The importance of PET Analysis to find out what really matters to customers
– How to create a powerful meme to support the persuasive effort
– Getting to that magic point of certainty, when the actual sale happens

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