Louisa Heinrich | Frontiers of Interaction Conference

new #foi12 speaker: Louisa Heinrich @customdeluxe Strategy Dir. of @fjord about the invisibility of #design http://t.co/nrEb3cK0 #ux #ixd
Louisa is a big believer in the power of design to make sense of a complex world. Before joining Fjord, she had been working in the digital/ux design space for over 13 years, across sectors from financial to government to consumer goods; across b2b, b2c, commercial and not-for-profit; on both the client and the agency side. Now that technology has advanced to the point where the question has moved from ‘what can this do?’ to ‘what should we do with it?’, Louisa spends most of her time helping businesses small and large find more innovative, engaging means of accomplishing their goals, relating to their customers through the creative application of well-designed technology.

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