iPhone + FW FTW

Ok, so seriously though, if you're an #iXd #UI or iPhone app designer, have you seen FW CS6? iPhone + FW FTW: http://t.co/7W2Pt1pd
I probably should’ve thought of something real to design for my example here, but this was only intended to question— why don’t more people don’t use Fireworks for design? While I don’t see a great deal of changes from CS5 to CS6, Adobe CS6 has greatly updated the “Common Library” area, allowing User Interface Designers and Interaction Designers to very quickly create wireframes and mockups.

They’ve also added iPad/iPhone Wireframes, Gestures, Cursors, Windows Phone 7 and jQuery Bootstrap UI elements.

Just like in CS5, you can also connect all of your pages together and demo your work/interactions on web pages.

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