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Helvetica Article Revisited: Being Fogged in Font Aversion Hinders Sight
Yesterday we published the article “Why Won’t Helvetica Go Away” in which Alastair Johnston discussed the evolution of Helvetica, the reasons for its popularity as well as his thoughts on why designers should start questioning the usefulness of Helvetica in their projects. Hours later Indra Kupferschmid published an article in which she corrected some of the facts presented in the article and provided an opposite view on the issue. We republish Indira’s article to present an opposite view on the Helvetica issue in Smashing Magazine, with her permission of course.—Ed. This isn’t a “blue pencil” (I could never challenge master Shaw); just a lazy, quick rant. Alastair Johnston wrote an article on Helvetica posted on Smashing Magazine yesterday. I don’t want to comment on his strong opinion and cut out most of his subjective ranting. But some facts seem to have gotten a bit wonky.

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