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Image resizer for Magento webstore by tct12 #Freelance jobs
s taken by us and saved in a local folder and automatically import the
re-sized images onto our Magento webstore.
We need someone able to write and test a script to work locally as
to CREATE/REPLACE item images in Magento
–> images are dropped in a local folder 1
– images are named with the SKU of the item they relate to (ex:
– additional images end with “A”, “B”, etc. after the SKU (ex:
–> a local script connects to local folder 1 , every minute
– if folder not empty than
–> for each picture
– resize picture for web use
– upload picture in Magento
– assign picture to item based on its name (ex: POS-12395A.jpg is
assigned to POS-12395)
– move picture to local folder 2
DELETE item images in Magento
–> a script in Magento connects to local folder 2 , every minute
– For each image that has been manually deleted from this folder since
last check
–> un-assign picture to related item in Magento
–> delete picture from Magento

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