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Testing a car rental website by nrirac: We are going to launch a travel website in INDIA. It will have facility … http://t.co/Kao2TnTx
p; Car Booking.
Initially we have to acquire vendors for different sections. Each
section have 2 sections – one for concerned vendors thru which they
upload/manage their individual packages & other for travelers thru
which they search, compare the services with prices and select the best
and book.
This work is for only car section of this site. WWW DOT CAR DOT
You have to register both as traveler & car vendors. You have to test
each and every step.
For vendors – you have to register 2/3 vendors, upload some car details
in each a/c, make your webpage in each a/c and have to see in dept step
by step.
For travelers – search few car of different car categories for few
cities, select car to book, go to booking page, fill your details &
Test in all browsers all above process.
Find some drawbacks/flaws in the above process and make a report and
deliver me. So that we can rectify those flaws.
I will select 4/5 coders to test separately

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