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System Testing & User Guide Article Writing by RLJB: We are a small… #freelance #job
We have 2 main products that help our clients to manage their
businesses – performing things like CRM functions (client and contact
management), invoicing, payments, calendar, task management, tax
management and such things.
We are looking to develop a long term relationship with a freelancer to
assist with:
1. end user product testing (bug checking)
2. writing articles for the online User Guide
In this role you will be become an expert user of our systems. You will
be provided with a login to our system and be required to use the
systems and understand how each module works in detail. If you find any
errors (bugs) or potential improvements in the module then you will
need to enter them into the Bug Tracker database.
When you understand and have bug checked the module you will be
required to write a User Guide article (in English). The article is to
assist users in understanding the Objective of the module and how the
module works – what each of the buttons on the form does and how it can
be used. The articles generally follow a standard format but as you
become acquainted with our system you will be expected to improve the
structure and content of the articles. A sample article is attached for
your information.
You do not need to be technical to complete this role (i.e you do not
need to be a coder) but you must have an interest in software and the
business of software. You also must have:
– excellent English language skills
– excellent ability to write in the English language
– be very organised
– be self motivated
– have an eye for detail and be VERY thorough in your work
– have a good understanding of how a business works (e.g understand the
importance of client management, invoicing, expense tracking etc.)
– a fast internet connection to access our systems
Our preference is for a long term ongoing relationship with a
freelancer. We see this role expanding over time and the person we
appoint initially will become a valued member of our team. We have been
in business for over 10 years and we like to build valuable long term
relationships. If you are looking for just a one-off project then this
is not for you. If you are part of an outsourcing company we “may”
consider your services but please note the role requires a dedicated
person so they can develop an understanding of our systems.
We see this initially being a hourly based project. We have an
immediate need to start work on about 17 modules, which we estimate
will be 40+ hours work for the article writing alone. You will be
required to enter your worked time into a timesheet program, so we can
track time/cost against output. Over time we could potentially change
this to a set monthly salary for a fixed number of hours. But initially
you should bid an hourly rate. We will have a video skype interview
before selecting the candidate.
Please include a FULL Resume (CV) in your reply (in English), while we
are not looking for any particular experience it is important we
understand your background and what you have accomplished previously.
Finally, please include the word “Spooky” in your bid reply so we can
be certain you have read this fully.

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