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“Programming + prototyping = key to interaction design research” #ixd #opinions Many interaction designers I know only sketch on paper and do storyboards and animation to conceptualize interaction, but they don’t themselves do any programming. I consider programming a key element in interaction design. It is part of my process. For many things you can sketch all you want in Photoshop but for me it is more important to be able to see and interact with it. Paper prototyping is great but if I can just build it myself I just build it. My code is never perfect, they are all hacks, but with my code I can send it off to developers to get things done. I have tried working with programmers to realize ideas but it does not work very well because most programmers (with very few exceptions) understand design methodologies so it ended up taking much longer than it should. On the other hand, when they see my prototypes completely hacked together they are usually able to translate them into structurally sound code. And this is the way I like to work. I have learned specific languages just for single projects. For example, I learned C#.NET from scratch because I had to play with an insane technology implementation which is technically only doable in DirectX. It was insane trying to learn all that in a month, but the result was well worth it. If you are a designer, I recommend that you try programming. It is fun, and it would help you communicate with developers better. You too will be able to feel the pain when they cannot achieve pixel-perfect designs. Once you realize how difficult it is to do what you wish for, you will also understand the limits and be able to be a better designer. Screenshot: github.com/seeminglee — filled with all kinds of weird hacks to do random things. / SML.20130105.PHIL.IXD.Opinions / #smlphil #smlopinions #ccby #smluniverse #smlsynergy #smlgithub #smlscreenshots #smlnet #smlhacks #seeminglee / #interactiondesign #ixd #design #interaction #programming #synergy #technology #dev #nerds #geeks #hacks #github #screenshots #socialmedia #repo

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